Wonderland China | Q&A with Simon Newton: Actor’s Road to Transformation

Wonderland launched a new series of “How To Become” interviews to discuss the unusual development trajectory of the acting industry with them.

Before meeting actor Simon Newton, no one had imagined a transition from a super bodyguard to an actor. He has worked with world stars such as American singer Michael Jackson and supermodel Kendall Jenner. After being inspired by them, Simon Newton embarked on the road of actors. In the past few years, he has appeared in many films such as “Green Zone” and “Holmes 2: Paradox”. In addition, he is a fitness ambassador, an opinion leader in the fashion industry, and also runs a security company. “There are many things that are the same.” Simon tells the idea that runs through every career. “It’s like your life is always looking for the next job.” He said that he is now planning his future further. Career — becoming a person who influences lifestyle.

In early June, actor Simon Newton was interviewed by Wonderland to talk about the transformation of his actor and how to switch between multiple roles.


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Simon Newton Cigar Shoot 3

Simon Newton cigar shoot. Pictures by Rob Anderman

WL: When did you become interested in fashion? Who is your inspiration for dressing?

S: At about 21 years old, at that age, I often go to the gym. As my body gradually became healthier, I realized that if you are someone who is proud of your appearance, fashion and fitness can be combined. Since then, I first began to choose clothing more carefully. No one can really inspire me. I think fashion is a very personal thing. I put on my favorite clothes, and feel that I look good, I am very happy.


WL: You used to live in the US and now live in London. How does the different living experience in each country affect your fashion sense?

S: While serving in the British army, I actually lived in Canada for more than a year. When I was working in the United States, I have been to many countries. When traveling, you can see all kinds of local dress and dress. I don’t choose a certain style deliberately, but choose the dress that suits me in various dresses.


WL: You used to be the bodyguards of singers such as Michael Jackson, supermodel Kendall Jenner and other world celebrities. Work with them. What is the best part?

S: At the time, I worked with many world-class entertainers precisely because of the opportunity to get along with them. Their attitude towards work inspired me to pursue my acting dream. This is one of the reasons why I became an actor.


WL: Switching is a difficult decision for anyone. Can you share the reason why you started a new career?

S: You know, I have been working as a star guard for 17 years, and it has led me to all over the world. Later, I owned my own security company Askari Secure Ltd. But I know that my dream does not stop there. I need a good time to change! For me personally, it is my ultimate ideal to further develop my acting career. I have been in the actor industry for many years now. I have always made “being a better actor” my goal, and I try my best to do better. Believe that hard work will not fail me. I travel between different professions every day, as do actors. This profession is like the epitome of life.

Simon Newton Soldier Pic

Simon Newton

WL: Now you are an actor. How are the two jobs the same and different?

S: Acting and being a bodyguard are very similar in some respects, such as time management, establishing good contact with work partners, maintaining good health, observing discipline and communicating with people around you. As for the difference, the biggest change I noticed was that when I was acting, I didn’t need to be accountable to anyone except myself.

WL: You have been involved in the filming of the films “Green Zone” and “Holmes 2: Paradox”, can you share with us the most impressive thing?

S: For me, it was supposed to be filming in “Greenbelt”. The filming was done in Morocco. At that time, I was new to the film industry. It was the first time I was exposed to movies, and I didn’t know what the movie set looks like before. When I finally finished shooting and flew back to the UK, I knew that the actor was my pursuit.

WL: Can you share some interesting things during the shooting?

S: There are indeed a lot of interesting things happening during the shooting process, especially for newcomers. In the past 10 to 15 years, the film production has changed a lot, and new actors and directors have more opportunities. Shooting technology is also constantly being upgraded. The leading special effects, special effects, and editing are different from the past. It is exciting to see this change.

When shooting, there are many episodes behind the scenes you can’t imagine, such as waiting. I have participated in a scene that took only two minutes to complete, but it took the staff behind the scene four hours to reset the scene. Waiting is a wonderful process! If you shoot at night, you can only take two shots all night, and then it’s dawn. Therefore, it may take several days to shoot a lens that may only have four minutes. Of course, it depends on the scene you are shooting.


WL: During this health crisis, many things were delayed. I think you have spent precious time at home. Can you talk about your life at home?

S: Unfortunately, some of my two movies were canceled this year. Many jobs were adjusted to early next year. Although the UK has been blocked for several months, my private security company is still very active. I am lucky to live near a park in London, so most of my physical training is done there. I still look forward to the reopening of the gym, which is a good place for me to relieve stress.

Simon Newton SK4

Simon Newton

WL: You are recognized as a health expert on the Internet, can you share some health tips to our readers?

S: My fitness instructor will make special recipes according to personal physique. In about six months, he made many adjustments to make the most reasonable recipe. For me, eating six times a day is enough to maintain the desired body shape and figure. Anyone’s diet should follow some basic principles, that is to reduce sugar intake as much as possible and keep carbohydrate intake low. Don’t overeating and drinking lots of water.


WL: What is your next plan?

S: I hope we can get more freedom next month. In the next four to five months, I will move and plan to expand the office. I hope to complete the planned shooting as soon as possible. From October to November, I will take part in film acting courses at London’s iconic Pinewood Studios.



Interview/Writer: Katherine Lu

Pictures from Simon Newton / Rob Anderman

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